I recently incorporated font awesome glyphs into my website in an attempt to add a touch more . I wanted to self-host them, rather than use a CDN, for the slight privacy benefit.

Following installation, I found the generation of my site, done by pelican, was taking significantly longer. Perhaps I'm crazy, but I also felt like Firefox was loading the pages for a noticably longer few milliseconds and the change wasn't doing anything for the perfectionist in me.

Looking at the files I had just bundled with my pages, they had added at least 200KB in webfonts (possibly more, depending on which filetype is requested) and around 55KB in CSS to my website. And for what, the odd glyph here or there? Most of my blog posts are less than 10KB, as is the rest of my CSS, so I determined to find a solution to incorporate only those glyphs that I wanted to use.

creating a pelican pugin

The documention for creating pelican plugins is useful, but I found reading existing plugins in the great repository of plugins much more informative.

Eventually I had put together a plugin that (so far!) appears to work wonders: pelican-minify-fontawesome .

First, after site generation, it identifies which font awesome icons are present by scanning the output folder and getting all HTML class attributes that start with fa-. The words that follow this string are the names of the icons.

With a bit of regex magic, these icon names are then used to extract their corresponding CSS blocks from a locally available font awesome download. These CSS blocks are then copied into the output folder.

Extracting the glyphs from the fonts was the tricky part. FontForge advertised Python bindings, so guided by their docs I tried to put the logic together. FontForge's approach to manipulating fonts did take me a while to understand, however it does work well. This is the gist of it:

font = fontforge.open(font_path)
selected = False
for icon in icons:  # The list of icon names
        font.selection.select(("more",), icon)
        selected = True
    except ValueError:
        # icon not found in font

if selected:

One by one, it loads each font, selects our desired icons that are present in the font, and, if there are any, it inverts the selection and deletes it. This leaves only our desired icons in the font, which is saved into our output folder.

adding font awesome RST roles

I wanted to add something extra for convenience, that is reStructuredText roles that allow me to include font awesome fonts inline in my posts.

I added 3 roles: fas, far, and fab for font awesome's solid, regular and brands icon lists. These can be used like this:

Here is the classic :fas:`blender-phone`.

Here is the classic .


Whenever I use a new icon, like the , I simply use one of the above RST roles in my draft and then pelican will include it when it copies over font awesome's CSS and webfonts into the output folder.

Then I think about how much of my time I waste over-optimising tiny, tiny things.

If you have any thoughts, comments, criticisms, feel free to reach out on mastodon or by email ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ