Super hacky shell wrapper around lemonbar that aims to poll as little as possible, minimising bar updates to the screen and reduce resource usage.
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commit 0f9a59a6ed8829b7468d4f136e42893388eb05e0
parent bcec9632cf8af8e046feb1ace5b70abf4978e1db
Author: mcol <>
Date:   Fri, 12 Apr 2019 22:42:39 +0100

added remaining colour escape codes

Mlemontools | 16+++++++++++++---
1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lemontools b/lemontools @@ -303,13 +303,23 @@ modules_c_dir=$dir/modules_c modules_dir_usr=$dir_usr/modules modules_c_dir_usr=$dir_usr/modules_c -# print colours +# colours +BLACK='\033[0;30m' +BBLACK='\033[1;30m' RED='\033[0;31m' +BRED='\033[1;31m' +GREEN='\033[0;32m' +BGREEN='\033[1;32m' +YELLOW='\033[0;33m' +BYELLOW='\033[1;33m' BLUE='\033[0;34m' BBLUE='\033[1;34m' -GREEN='\033[0;32m' -ORANGE='\033[0;33m' +MAGENTA='\033[0;35m' +BMAGENTA='\033[1;35m' CYAN='\033[0;36m' +BCYAN='\033[1;36m' +WHITE='\033[1;37m' +BWHITE='\033[0;37m' NC='\033[0m'