Super hacky shell wrapper around lemonbar that aims to poll as little as possible, minimising bar updates to the screen and reduce resource usage.
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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2020-01-01 20:33add not to readmemcol1+3-0
2019-06-09 13:59wireguard module output correct state at launchmcol1+11-2
2019-06-09 13:41alsa module needs to be awkedmcol2+5-2
2019-06-09 13:17make alsa just use amixer, remove lots of old C related thingsmcol6+28-270
2019-06-08 17:11add readmemcol1+19-0
2019-04-28 07:51always print wireguard module at initial launchmcol1+4-3
2019-04-12 21:42added remaining colour escape codesmcol1+13-3
2019-04-06 22:48updated pkgbuildmcol1+4-4
2019-04-06 18:14cleaned up title and section headersmcol1+9-14
2019-04-06 18:02Merge pull request #3 from mclgn/packagingmcol4+12-12
2019-04-06 15:10rename run module to script module to avoid conflict with run path variablemcol2+24-22
2019-04-06 09:46split helper functions into subsections; enforce process group leader within scriptmcol1+70-54
2019-04-01 16:17cleaned up gitignore from pre-packaged folder setup, cleaned up main script sectionsmcol3+2-24
2019-03-19 21:58remove /var/run folders from makefile; add $(DESTDIR) to udev rule installationmcol1+4-5
2019-03-19 17:47Clarify and simplify helper files and installation locationsmcol7+55-48
2019-03-18 21:20added PKGBUILDmcol1+47-0
2019-03-17 21:03Make makefile fully compatible with arch installationmcol1+2-2
2019-03-17 19:03Packaging (#2)mcol1+1-1
2019-03-17 16:28create directories during make install for fakerootmcol1+2-1
2019-03-17 16:16add DESTDIR to make installmcol1+17-23
2019-03-17 15:37Merge pull request #1 from mcolligan/add-license-1mcol1+674-0
2019-03-17 14:43adapted for system-wide installation with makefilemcol10+192-39
2019-03-17 11:46fix gitignore src dirmcol1+2-2
2019-03-17 09:24fix some commentsmcol2+3-1
2019-03-02 19:17move main wireguard module into update_wireguard function for external callingmcol1+18-15
2019-02-24 14:38mpc_play starts defaults to paused state if mpc outputs nothing, when first starting upmcol1+3-3
2019-02-24 14:38added lemontools -u module arg to update modules rather than requiring directly piping to fifomcol3+18-13
2019-02-20 20:40cpu module use standard format string to produce output;mcol1+18-19
2019-02-20 20:23added xtitle module to show current window titlemcol1+40-0
2019-02-20 20:22mpc_play wont change $outputmcol2+6-6
2019-02-20 20:21only send to fifo from modules when changedmcol3+23-10
2019-02-19 18:26fix c modules to use new pathmcol2+3-3
2019-02-19 16:26add update_date and add it to sleep-update to refresh date when suspending across midnightmcol2+7-0
2019-02-19 16:22renamed src/ to modules_cmcol5+2-2
2019-02-17 13:25added send function and replaced most instances of echo with messy pipingmcol14+56-63
2019-02-17 13:08added mpc_play module for mpc control iconmcol1+40-0
2019-02-17 12:55create update_mail function for external controlmcol1+17-9
2019-02-17 12:54simplified battery modulemcol1+20-69
2019-02-16 16:54incorporated mute into alsa vol module with fontawesome5 iconsmcol1+37-9
2019-02-16 16:53added offset settings for font vertical offsetsmcol1+7-0
2019-02-16 00:56main script can now deal with 5 fonts, formats font strings and bar command to cope with multi word fontsmcol2+11-9
2019-02-16 00:55added run module, cleaned up some othersmcol4+48-10
2019-02-16 00:54added xwinctl modulemcol1+53-0
2019-02-16 00:54more concise battery module. Also show font awesome 5 icon if wantedmcol1+53-19
2019-02-15 18:13update_* functions that were not sourced are not run. Reordered kill function commands to put fifo closer to endmcol1+12-10
2019-02-05 21:00when killing a bar/all bars and it/none exists, exit 1mcol1+17-10
2019-02-05 20:28trap on error to exitmcol1+1-1
2019-01-26 22:44further standardising modules, especially C modules; alsa addedmcol7+290-44
2019-01-26 22:43get_clicks for C modules; cat fifo debug option; kill all on HUP; localised variablesmcol1+22-6
2019-01-25 21:34C modules can be launched directly and passed argumentsmcol2+21-6
2019-01-25 21:34trap on HUP at for logging outmcol1+4-1
2019-01-25 13:11servers module wont grep same word twicemcol1+2-2
2019-01-23 23:32introduced C code modulesmcol3+67-66
2019-01-22 22:17add systemd-sleep script to update clock and batter at resume from suspendmcol1+24-0
2019-01-22 22:06added udev rule to update battery module on charger in/outmcol1+5-0
2019-01-21 23:24Standardise modules to document their settings withinmcol16+185-32
2019-01-20 16:16added global settings for all bars; bit of description in modulesmcol13+102-30
2019-01-20 14:12renamed error function to log function, removed calls to it before log createdmcol2+30-11
2019-01-20 13:44remove previously git tracked files that are now to be ignoredmcol3+0-88
2019-01-20 13:43added shutdown modulemcol1+12-0
2019-01-20 13:42wireguard uses FontAwesome symbol when interface down, rather than !!!mcol1+1-1
2019-01-20 13:41change inbox to mail - previous commit did not change name of module filemcol1+0-0
2019-01-20 13:40git ignore c programs and themes foldermcol1+7-0
2019-01-20 13:37added cpu module, and src directory to house other c code snippetsmcol4+81-0
2019-01-20 11:14change inbox to mailmcol2+10-10
2019-01-19 22:41add trap to clean bar files when interrupted from outside or with <C-c> in shellmcol1+16-9
2019-01-19 22:08introduce pid management and organise logs/fifos and pid logs into run folder, allowing multiple barsmcol3+57-36
2019-01-19 19:08changed > $log to >> $log to append stderrmcol11+16-16
2019-01-19 19:05checking existence of fifo file requires -e not -fmcol2+17-18
2019-01-19 18:58redirect stderr from modules to $logmcol12+65-58
2019-01-19 17:33renamed main script to lemontoolsmcol2+351-351
2019-01-19 15:28removed error call by update_ functions to stop empty line piping to barmcol1+0-1
2019-01-19 15:25modules fork within function to give global access to variables created in modulemcol12+43-30
2019-01-17 19:49splits modules into separate files; replace underscore spaces with lemonbar offsetmcol15+468-366
2019-01-13 10:43added mute indicator modulemcol2+17-1
2019-01-08 23:00start-lemonbar -v will list variables that can be used in themesmcol1+37-1
2019-01-08 22:59made function to deal with clicks so modules only output what is needed and no redundant textmcol3+83-40
2019-01-08 20:55date module will sleep until midnight rather than updating every 10 minsmcol2+7-1
2019-01-05 18:17themes follow new way to set themesmcol2+55-9
2019-01-05 18:17theme variables can more flexibly determine the lemonbar commandmcol2+85-39
2019-01-05 15:13underscores used to placehold spaces; escaped for underscoremcol2+102-49
2019-01-03 23:25cleaned sutff;mcol1+4-2
2019-01-03 23:06cleaned up some linesmcol1+25-23
2019-01-03 22:39add everythingmcol3+456-0