mkinitcpio hooks that print the word "Welcome" in big letters and draw a box for inputting an encryption password and catching the fsck output during early userspace. See blog post for a video:
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Two hooks for mkinitcpio that draw out the word "Welcome" in big letters early during the boot process. A box is drawn underneath for inputting the password during the 'encrypt' hook and printing the output of the 'fsck' hook.

Please email me with any issues, questions or comments @ mcol at


  1. Copy the contents of hooks into /etc/initcpio/hooks
  2. Copy the contents of install into /etc/initcpio/install
  3. Add the welcome hook to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf before the encrypt hook
  4. Add the poscursor hook to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf after the encrypt hook but before the fsck hook
  5. Optionally configure the colours to use in /etc/vconsole.conf:
WELCOME_BG=0    # background
WELCOME_FG=5    # foreground ("Welcome")
WELCOME_IN=6    # input box

where the number is 0-15 corresponding to the 16 defined console colours.

Works very well with Evan Purkhiser's mkinitcpio-colors.