My collection of plugins for the Qtile window manager.
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This is a small collection of plugins I wrote for Qtile.

  • Simplifying Qtile configuration.
  • Only loading those that are used.
  • Ability to easily create responsive key-bindings with notifications.
  • Avoiding extra dependencies.



Notifier-based plugins expose methods that trigger notifications, with the purpose of being bound to keys.

An example usage:

import qtools.mpc
mpc = qtools.mpc.Client()
keys.extend([EzKey(k, v) for k, v in {
    '<XF86AudioPlay>':  mpc.lazy_toggle,
    '<XF86AudioNext>':  mpc.lazy_next,
    '<XF86AudioPrev>':  mpc.lazy_previous,

Notifier's methods are exposed with the 'lazy_' prefix for binding to keys.

qtools.mpc.Client is a subclass of Notifier, which is found at qtools.Notifier in qtools/


The Popup class can be used to create and control popup windows, such as tooltips or notifications. For an example see the notification plugin.

Plugin list

Module Description
amixer Notifier that controls an ALSA device's volume
backlight Notifier that controls backlight level
notification A fully functional notification server
mpc Notifier that controls MPD
xresources Load X resources into Qtile config