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commit 219309c2cd4c7e2fea4fd8e6b44bce67afc6e5c5
parent 92954c191e57533b00951b7409b2ce1fb8fed0d7
Author: mcol <>
Date:   Thu, 21 Feb 2019 21:18:02 +0000

added ranger config

Mrc.conf | 51+++++++++++++++++++++------------------------------
1 file changed, 21 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)

diff --git a/rc.conf b/rc.conf @@ -15,25 +15,18 @@ # on the UI such as :delete or :mark. # =================================================================== -# =================================================================== # == Options -# =================================================================== -# Which viewmode should be used? Possible values are: -# miller: Use miller columns which show multiple levels of the hierarchy -# multipane: Midnight-commander like multipane view showing all tabs next -# to each other +# miller or multipane set viewmode miller -#set viewmode multipane -# How many columns are there, and what are their relative widths? set column_ratios 1,3,4 # Which files should be hidden? (regular expression) set hidden_filter ^\.|\.(?:pyc|pyo|bak|swp)$|^lost\+found$|^__(py)?cache__$ # Show hidden files? You can toggle this by typing 'zh' -set show_hidden false +set show_hidden true # Ask for a confirmation when running the "delete" command? # Valid values are "always", "never", "multiple" (default) @@ -49,7 +42,7 @@ set preview_script ~/.config/ranger/ set use_preview_script true # Automatically count files in the directory, even before entering them? -set automatically_count_files false +set automatically_count_files true # Open all images in this directory when running certain image viewers # like feh or sxiv? You can still open selected files by marking them. @@ -94,12 +87,8 @@ set preview_images true # whole terminal window. set preview_images_method w3m -# Default iTerm2 font size (see: preview_images_method: iterm2) -set iterm2_font_width 8 -set iterm2_font_height 11 - # Use a unicode "..." character to mark cut-off filenames? -set unicode_ellipsis false +set unicode_ellipsis true # Show dotfiles in the bookmark preview box? set show_hidden_bookmarks true @@ -115,10 +104,10 @@ set preview_directories true set collapse_preview true # Save the console history on exit? -set save_console_history false +set save_console_history true # Draw the status bar on top of the browser window (default: bottom) -set status_bar_on_top false +set status_bar_on_top true # Draw a progress bar in the status bar which displays the average state of all # currently running tasks which support progress bars? @@ -135,7 +124,7 @@ set mouse_enabled true # Display the file size in the main column or status bar? set display_size_in_main_column true -set display_size_in_status_bar true +set display_size_in_status_bar false # Display files tags in all columns or only in main column? set display_tags_in_all_columns true @@ -144,7 +133,7 @@ set display_tags_in_all_columns true set update_title true # Set the title to "ranger" in the tmux program? -set update_tmux_title false +set update_tmux_title true # Shorten the title if it gets long? The number defines how many # directories are displayed at once, 0 turns off this feature. @@ -157,8 +146,8 @@ set hostname_in_titlebar true set tilde_in_titlebar true # How many directory-changes or console-commands should be kept in history? -set max_history_size 20 -set max_console_history_size 50 +set max_history_size 10 +set max_console_history_size 20 # Try to keep so much space between the top/bottom border when scrolling: set scroll_offset 8 @@ -168,7 +157,7 @@ set flushinput true # Padding on the right when there's no preview? # This allows you to click into the space to run the file. -set padding_right false +set padding_right true # Save bookmarks (used with mX and `X) instantly? # This helps to synchronize bookmarks between multiple ranger @@ -214,7 +203,7 @@ set cd_tab_fuzzy false # Avoid previewing files larger than this size, in bytes. Use a value of 0 to # disable this feature. -set preview_max_size 0 +set preview_max_size 1000000 # Add the highlighted file to the path in the titlebar set show_selection_in_titlebar true @@ -230,13 +219,13 @@ set idle_delay 2000 set metadata_deep_search false # Clear all existing filters when leaving a directory -set clear_filters_on_dir_change false +set clear_filters_on_dir_change true # Disable displaying line numbers in main column set line_numbers true # Start line numbers from 1 instead of 0 -set one_indexed false +set one_indexed true # Save tabs on exit set save_tabs_on_exit false @@ -257,6 +246,7 @@ set global_inode_type_filter # Examples: # setlocal path=~/downloads sort mtime + # =================================================================== # == Command Aliases in the Console # =================================================================== @@ -268,15 +258,11 @@ alias qa quitall alias qa! quitall! alias qall quitall alias qall! quitall! -alias setl setlocal alias filter scout -prt alias find scout -aeit alias mark scout -mr alias unmark scout -Mr -alias search scout -rs -alias search_inc scout -rts -alias travel scout -aefklst # =================================================================== # == Define keys for the browser @@ -293,7 +279,6 @@ map <C-r> reset map <C-l> redraw_window map <C-c> abort map <esc> change_mode normal -map ~ set viewmode! map i display_file map ? help @@ -648,6 +633,7 @@ map ge cd /etc map g/ cd / map gS cd /etc/systemd/system +map gg cd ~/git map gc cd ~/.config map gx cd ~/.Xresources.d map gm cd ~/media @@ -663,3 +649,8 @@ map gv cd ~/.vim map gC cd ~/documents/C map gD cd ~/Downloads map gz cd ~/.zsh + +# view git diffs +map bd shell git diff --color=always %s | less -r +map bD shell git diff --color=always | less -r +map ba shell git add %s