A Pelican plugin that minifies fontawesome css and fonts to include only used icons.
git clone https://mcol.xyz/code/pelican-minify-fontawesome
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commit 0c43efc7263d5227b78b965c8c2f3af9cccad8f2
parent d36ea32e4b41e6fea2c04190b2a927de7826fe6e
Author: mcol <mcol@posteo.net>
Date:   Sun, 20 Oct 2019 21:06:36 +0100

remove light icons; update readme

Mminify_fontawesome.py | 1-
Mreadme.rst | 14+++++++++++++-
2 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/minify_fontawesome.py b/minify_fontawesome.py @@ -152,5 +152,4 @@ def register(): # Register font awesome RST roles roles.register_local_role('fas', rst_span) roles.register_local_role('far', rst_span) - roles.register_local_role('fal', rst_span) roles.register_local_role('fab', rst_span) diff --git a/readme.rst b/readme.rst @@ -32,4 +32,16 @@ headers, i.e. put this into page templates: <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ SITEURL }}/theme/css/fa.css"/> -This has only been tested with fontawesome-free-5.11.2-web so far. +RST roles +--------- + +This plugin also adds 3 small RST roles that can be used to include font +awesome icons in RST drafts: + +.. code-block:: RST + + Here is a solid icon :fas:`blender-phone` + Here is a regular icon :far:`meh-rolling-eyes` + Here is a brand icon :fab:`github` + +This plugin has only been tested with fontawesome-free-5.11.2-web so far.