Welcome to my blog!

I'm Matt and I write about open source software that I stumble across surfing the web.

Some of my main interests are self-hosting, functional programming, and anything to do with ricing (see mine here).


Nov 07 interactive Mac-like workspace swiping for Qtile
Apr 03 solving sudoku puzzles with haskell


Sep 30 haskell study: pointfree rules, and the blackbird
Aug 03 Qtile: A Wayland Compositor


Oct 04 bye cgit, hello stagit
Aug 09 a full day test-driving ubuntu touch on the pinephone
Aug 02 bye gitea, hello cgit
Jun 29 ricing early userspace
Jun 03 tor browser can now redirect clearnet sites to onion services
May 12 hacking on Qtile: painting complex borders
Mar 29 a quick and dirty permissions container
Feb 11 ubuntu-touch on the pinephone: first impressions


Nov 23 writing a Python wallpaper setter for X11
Oct 20 minifying font awesome in pelican
Sep 21 music that follows you around the house: part 1. streaming to multiple players
Aug 17 rewritefs: take back control over your dotfiles
Jun 29 xonsh shell: first week, first impressions
Jun 02 extend ranger file manager with git bindings
May 28 mpop and msmtp: a minimalist match made in heaven
May 05 nftables as a tor and VPN killswitch
Apr 25 minimal but complete nightly backups to raspberry pi
Apr 21 read news and reddit anonymously with tor and newsboat