A tiny vim plugin that sends a word/line/paragraph of text from vim into a tmux pane for execution.
git clone https://mcol.xyz/code/tide
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commit 7ef2df2d41978b46b04b92ad9b31135377360003
parent 0ab49629f22e96f3a06f04d4db96bbcc99018624
Author: mcol <mcol@posteo.net>
Date:   Sun,  9 Dec 2018 11:30:32 +0000

Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mcolligan/tide

Mplugin/tide.vim | 20++++++++++----------
1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/plugin/tide.vim b/plugin/tide.vim @@ -99,17 +99,17 @@ command! -nargs=0 -complete=command TmuxSendParagraph call s:TmuxSendParagraph() command! -nargs=0 -complete=command TmuxSendSection call s:TmuxSendSection() command! -nargs=0 -complete=command -range TmuxSendLines call s:TmuxSendLines(<line1>, <line2>) -xnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendVisual :<C-u>TmuxSendVisual<CR> -nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendParagraph :TmuxSendParagraph<CR> -nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendLine :TmuxSendLine<CR> -nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendWord :call TmuxSendKeysEnter(expand("<cword>"))<CR> -nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendSection :TmuxSendSection<CR> +silent! xnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendVisual :<C-u>TmuxSendVisual<CR> +silent! nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendParagraph :TmuxSendParagraph<CR> +silent! nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendLine :TmuxSendLine<CR> +silent! nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendWord :call TmuxSendKeysEnter(expand("<cword>"))<CR> +silent! nnoremap <unique> <silent> <script> <Plug>TmuxSendSection :TmuxSendSection<CR> " default keybindings if !exists("g:tide_no_default_keys") - xmap <unique> <F9> <Plug>TmuxSendVisual - nmap <unique> <silent> <F9> <Plug>TmuxSendParagraph - nmap <unique> <silent> <F8> <Plug>TmuxSendLine - nmap <unique> <silent> <F7> <Plug>TmuxSendWord - nmap <unique> <silent> <F4> <Plug>TmuxSendSection + silent! xmap <unique> <silent> <F9> <Plug>TmuxSendVisual + silent! nmap <unique> <silent> <F9> <Plug>TmuxSendParagraph + silent! nmap <unique> <silent> <F8> <Plug>TmuxSendLine + silent! nmap <unique> <silent> <F7> <Plug>TmuxSendWord + silent! nmap <unique> <silent> <F4> <Plug>TmuxSendSection endif