A Pelican plugin that minifies fontawesome css and fonts to include only used icons.
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add note about hard-refreshing in readme

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diff --git a/readme.rst b/readme.rst @@ -44,4 +44,13 @@ awesome icons in RST drafts: Here is a regular icon :far:`meh-rolling-eyes` Here is a brand icon :fab:`github` +Troubleshooting +--------------- + +If you are writing using the local devserver and new fonts are not showing in +your draft, your browser has likely cached an older version of the generated +font. Many browsers have a way to force a refresh of all requests, including +fonts, which will fix this. In Firefox this is Ctrl-F5 instead of just F5 to +refresh. + This plugin has only been tested with fontawesome-free-5.11.2-web so far.